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Gopher Gold Review

Gopher Gold

Gopher Gold, another game created by Microgaming, is a slot game offering five reels and five paylines. The five-coin machine and increased number of paylines gives the player a large number of chances to win. When the maximum bet is placed, the top payout amounts to 12,000 coins.

Gopher Gold offers players the chance to win with any of 32 different winning combinations, plus a wild. The symbols follow the theme of gophers. The game's symbols comprise gopher gold, a mining truck, dynamite, a lantern, a sack and pick, as well as the high face cards in a standard deck. These would be the ten, jack, queen, king, and Ace.

The game's wild symbol is the gopher. It serves as a substitute for any other symbol in order to create a winning combination. The wild does not serve as a multiplier and no scatter features are applicable in Gopher Gold. To increase their winning potential, the player is best advised to activate all paylines as payouts are only made for enabled paylines. Paylines are enabled with every coin that is bet by the player. The jackpot can be achieved by activating all five lines and getting five gopher symbols on a payline.

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