Free Casino Money Slots Reviews Froot Loot Review

Froot Loot Review

Froot Loot

Froot Loot conforms to the usual classic three-reel slot game style and offers a single payline. It is a three-coin machine where the maximum bet is three coins. No wilds are used in the game.

The maximum payout in the Froot Loot slot game is 5,000 coins where players have the opportunity to win from any of twelve different winning combinations. In accordance with its fruit theme, Froot Loot features six fruit symbols that include pineapples, plums, and cherries. A fruit salad symbol can be lucky since a combination of three of these wins the top prize. Apart from the fruit symbols, Froot Loot also features single, double, and triple bar symbols.

The placement of maximum bets are recommended in order to increase the payout value. A combination of three fruit salad symbols on the payline wins the player 5,000 coins if they placed the maximum bet on that line. By betting fewer coins prior to the start of the game, the top prize would reduce to 2,000 or 1,000 coins, according to the bet being placed. The fruit salad combination pays out even if the player gets only one or two of the symbols on the payline, where the player wins 150 coins if two of the symbols appear on that line.

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