Free Casino Money Slots Reviews Cutesy Pie Review

Cutesy Pie Review

Cutesy Pie

Cutesy Pie is a video slot game with three reels and a single payline. It is a three-coin machine and is ideal for simple play, making it good for beginners. Cutesy Pie offers straight slot play without the addition of wild symbols. This is a simple game with no frills. It has a fun theme and is very easy to play.

Players of Cutesy Pie will get a maximum bet of three coins. The coin values can range from $0.25 to $10. The game features several different symbols such as hearts; two types of sevens; teddy bears; and single, double, and triple bars. There are a total of nine winning combination possibilities, which is quite good for a simple, no-frills game. The maximum payout amounts to 2,500 coins. This is won when the player places the maximum three-coin bet prior to the start of the game.

This is a great game to kick back from the high-paced, anxious, high-roller slot games, where every bet has to count toward a win of some sort. Despite its no-frills appearance, the payouts are generous and the opportunities for winning are good. The design is, as would be expected, cute with its soft pink colors and teddy bears and hearts.

1500 free, no deposit required
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