Big Top Review

Big Top

The name "Big Top" automatically calls to mind large circus tents filled with fun and frolic; the Big Top video slot game plays up the circus theme. This five-reel game has nine paylines and is a nine-coin machine. The presence of multiple paylines increases the player's chances of getting one of the 35 winning combinations.

The Big Top slot game includes various circus-style symbols as well as symbols of the high cards in a standard deck. The circus symbols comprise a lion, a monkey, clowns, elephants, and seals. The card symbols include the tens and the jack, queen, king, and ace face cards. The wildcard is the joker, which can be used in place of any symbol other than the scatter symbol-the monkey. The scatter monkey symbol can appear on any payline, even if that line is not active, provided that a total of three scatter monkey symbols appear simultaneously.

A combination of five Big Top icons on an active payline will win the jackpot. Five wildcards also win the jackpot. Players can control the number of active paylines when playing Big Top as the paylines are enabled with each coin bet. Winning combinations are counted on enabled lines. Once again, the scatter symbol, which can appear in a triple combo in any payline, is an exception that can win the player the jackpot. The scatter symbol's position is irrelevant as long as there are three of them in total.

Monkey scatter wins have a cumulative effect. The scatter winnings are tallied against any other winning paylines. Each payline (enabled by the player prior to game play) with winning combinations pays out for the highest paying combination. On the downside, if the game stops working or malfunctions, the entire play and all enabled paylines become null and void.

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