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Progressive CyberStud Review

Progressive CyberStud

Progressive CyberStud is a progressive video poker game using Microgaming software, which gives you realistic play and great sound and graphics. The progressive jackpot is huge as the game is linked to multiple casino websites. Progressive CyberStud is a game between the player and the dealer, as it is a game using 1 deck of cards that is shuffled for each game.

In Progressive CyberStud you are dealt 5 cards and the dealer is dealt 5 cards. You can call or fold, depending on what you have in your hand. The hands are then compared and the money is paid out and will depend on the wager amount you put on that hand. The goal is to get the strongest poker hand possible. To hit the progressive jackpot you will have to get a Royal Flush.

When you enter the Progressive CyberStud game you have to make a side bet of 1 credit, which is placed by default. The side bet makes you eligible for the progressive jackpots and other additional payouts. In the bet box you will see this amount, which is added to the amount you bet on the hand.

Progressive CyberStud also uses PlayCheck software, which allows you to review hands you have played on the game for the last 7 days. You can analyze you wins and losses in order to improve your game.

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