Joker Poker Review

Joker Poker is a fun video poker game that can be played by beginners, because of its simplicity, and experts alike. Joker Poker is a regular video poker game, but played with a 53-card deck rather than a standard 52-card deck. The Extra card in the deck is a Joker, which is wild. Whenever you are dealt a Joker it will automatically substitute it in your hand to give you the best chance to get a winning hand. Joker Poker has a max payout of 5,000 coins.

The goal of Joker Poker is to try to get the best possible poker hand. Payouts start with Kings or better and the best hand in the game is a Natural Royal Flush (having no wild cards).

Depending how much you want to wager you can adjust the coin denomination. The minimum coin amount is 25 cents and the max is $5. There is a lot of wagering flexibility when playing Joker Poker. To qualify for the jackpot of 5,000 coins you have to bet the max amount, which is $5.

Joker Poker also offers the Double function, which allows you to double the money you have won from a winning hand. Whenever you win a hand you can hit the Double icon and the computer will then draw a card. Then you will draw a card and if your card is higher than the computer's you will double your win.

Joker Poker is simple to play, as all you need to know are the various hands of poker.

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