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Double Joker Poker Review

Double Joker is a video poker game that is unique and is exciting for beginners and experts alike. In Double Joker you will play 4 identical hands to try to get the best hands for the biggest payout. The max payout for Double Joker is 4,000 coins.

In Double Joker Deuces are wild and can be substituted for any card to give you a winning hand. When you are dealt a Deuce the suit and denomination are automatically assigned to give you the best hand possible. The game is simple, as all you need to know are the hands in poker and what the best hands are.

Double Joker also has the Double feature, which allows you to double your money. For example if you win $10 on a hand you can choose the Double feature giving you the chance to double your money right away. After you choose the Double icon the computer will draw a card for you automatically. If the card that the computer draws is a 6, for example, you will then draw a card and if it is more than a 6 you win and double your money.

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