Twister Review

Twister Game Screenshot

Twister is a video slot game that features five reels and fifteen paylines. Players have a chance to win 15,000 coins in the Twister jackpot in the base game, although by utilizing this exciting slot machine's bonus features, players stand to walk away with considerably more.

Twister comes to players laden with extras such as a wild feature, gamble feature, bonus game, scatter feature, and numerous opportunities to earn free spins. The television symbol serves as the scatter feature in Twister and when players are able to uncover at least three of these symbols, they can earn as many as 20 free spins. Players can also double their payout during free spin mode as there is a multiplier for the free spin payouts that will double the winnings.

Adventurous players will look forward to the gamble feature Twister offers. Players who choose to can try to double their winnings by correctly guessing the color or suit of the playing cards. Twister offers unlimited potential for players to walk away with winnings in their pockets!

The theme rampant throughout Twister is hilarious and action packed. A twister has totally dismantled a trailer park and players will laugh uproariously as they see trailers, pickup trucks, and even outhouses flying through the air as the twister gains hold of them! Vibrant graphics and superior state of the art technology are evident through every spin of this fun and exciting slot machine. Players will have hours and hours of delightful entertainment as they take on Twister!

Aside from the entertainment value, Twister offers a massive potential to amass impressive winnings! Just in the base game alone, players have the potential to win a whopping 75,000.00; however with the powerful extras Twister offers, that amount can literally double with players having the chance to walk away with a staggering 150,000.00!

1500 free, no deposit required
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