Tomb Raider Review

Tomb Rider Game Screenshot

Tomb Raider is a video slot game that features five reels and fifteen paylines. Players can wager up to 75 coins with each spin of the reels in this exciting slot machine. Tomb Raider offers a jackpot in the base game of a whopping 37,500 coins which players can win if they uncover one of 32 winning combinations. In addition, this engaging video slot game offers numerous extra features such as a wild feature, opportunities to win free spins, and 2 separate bonus rounds that can significantly increase a player's winning potential.

Not surprisingly, Tomb Raider is based on the widely popular film and video game of the same name. The slot machine game continues the theme of Tomb Raider; yes, Lara Croft is present in this jam packed edge of your seat video slot game. Tomb Raider offers betting flexibility that is compatible with any size bankroll; players can wager a maximum of five coins on each of the fifteen paylines if they desire, although this is not mandatory in order to play and win with Tomb Raider.Fans of the Tomb Raider movie and video game will instantly recognize some of the symbols in this Tomb Raider slot machine, such as the gold idols and the exotic tigers. What's even more exciting is that players have the potential to win as much as 37,500 in the base game and when the extra features this enticing game offers are figured into the mix, players have the chance to win a staggering 112,500.00!

Slot fans and Tomb Raider fans alike will love the underground tomb in the bonus game; once a player reveals at least three of the golden bonus idols, the bonus game will commence and players will then have access to 12 different idols that bear gifts for the player.

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