Moonshine Review

Moonshine Game Screenshot

Moonshine is a video slot game that features five reels and a whopping 25 paylines of hilarious hillbilly fun along with numerous chances to win big bucks. With state of the art graphics, crisp colors, and lively animation, players will feel as if they have been transplanted to the land of the hillbillies when playing Moonshine!Not only is Moonshine entertaining but it is jam packed with features that give players tremendous winning opportunities. Wild symbols, scatter symbols, bonus features, and free spin opportunities are plentiful with this video slot game. In addition, Moonshine has a multiplier feature that makes it even more attractive to slot fans everywhere.

Moonshine is themed on the making of moonshine and the game features a Gun Totin' Grandma who is on the wrong side of the law for making moonshine. Grandma is wild in Moonshine, meaning she will replace other characters to complete winning combinations. That is, if the Sheriff doesn't catch her first! The Sheriff acts as the scatter symbol in Moonshine and when players line up three or more bottles of moonshine, the free spin phase begins. Line up three Grandma symbols on an activated payline and she will pay out up to 8000 times the amount of the original wager!

Players can activate one or up to 25 paylines in Moonshine and can play from one to five coins per payline. The more you wager, the more you can win! The base game alone in Moonshine gives players the chance to win up to 40,000.00 but when you add in all the extra winning opportunities from bonuses, free spins, and scatters, players actually have a chance to walk away with a whopping 160,000.00! That's a pretty good day's work just for making Mash!

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