Dino Might Review

Dino Might Game Screenshot

As one of the most exciting slot games today, Dino Might is a video slot game based on pre-historic dinosaurs. This game features 44 different winning combinations as well as wild cards and bonus games. Without the aid of a bonus round the maximum amount that can be won is 8,000 coins. However, when a bonus round is earned or a wild card is played, the jackpot potential increases to 50,000 coins. Dino Might is a very versatile game, as players can bet as little as one penny or as much as 125.00. Five reels and 25 paylines are available to ensure that the most avid player enjoys the game.

While Dino Might takes it to the top in fun and entertainment, the graphic and animation features are just as strong. What makes Dino Might entertaining for hours is the massive amount of extra entertainment features. Watch out for the Triggersaurus! While it might have meant danger millions of years ago, it is now the lucky symbol. It will appear in three, four, or even five of the reels and immediately activates the bonus round where players can increase their odds dramatically.

Last but not least, Dino Might entails one additional entertainment feature which is the wild card. While the player might anticipate a wild dinosaur racing across the screen or bright lights flashing, the wild card is actually the Dino Might logo in and of itself. At this point, the player is invited to solve a puzzle. This round starts with the wild card taking the place of missing symbols where the winning combination needs to be found. After this, a matching bonus round is activated where the player needs to find four matching symbols. As always, if this is accomplished, more coins are rewarded.

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