Diamond Deal Review

Diamond Deal Game Screenshot

Diamond Deal slot game is exactly as it sounds; lavish, lush, and tons of fun! This classic slot machine game features three reels and just a single pay line. While this slot game keeps it simple, it does entail eight different combinations to win big. Diamond Deal also comes with a wild feature, a puzzle round where the player gets to pick a box, and a bonus round. The real bonus comes with the fact that the maximum bet with the greatest chance at a big jackpot is only three dollars.

While diamonds may start out as unattractive coal, this game actually started it all for the slot machine games. If it were not for the Diamond Deal, slot games may not have the bonus rounds that excite many players around the world today. While the Diamond Deal game has a maximum bet of 3 coins, this enables the player to enjoy the big benefits of big payouts without spending it all in one spin. Three diamonds across the pay line mark the win. With one coin played, the prize is 500 coins, two coins wins 1000 coins, and if the player is willing to play big, three coins wins 3000 coins! Playing three coins also enables the bonus round to be played. The bonus round is won by collecting pieces of diamonds. Once the picture is put together, the bonus round is started where the player then gets to choose from different ring boxes to reveal the coins that have been won.

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