Crazy 80s Review

Crazy 80s Game Screenshot

Players can travel back in time to the 80s with Crazy 80s, a five reel, nine payline video slot game. Uncover the symbols that will forever mark the 80s like Rubik's Cube, dark sunglasses, audio cassette tapes, neon clothes, big hair, and bracelets to make the winning combinations that will make you a winner with this exciting slot game. Players will also have more chances to uncover winning combinations with the wild symbol and the scatter feature, which also acts as a multiplier.Although the theme of this riveting game is based on the 80s, the technology isn't. Vibrant and exciting graphics using state of the art technology may commemorate the memorable decade; however, Crazy 80s is as modern as slot machines get! The high-tech, heart stopping action of this video slot game makes it one of the favorites of slot players everywhere.

Players don't have to wager big to win big in this enthralling game though. Any size bankroll is appropriate for playing this exciting, edge of your seat game. Wager as little as .25 all the way up to 5.00 for your chance at hitting one of the numerous winning combinations that make up Crazy 80s. Lucky jackpot winners will be rewarded with a whopping 25,000 in addition to all the fun this video slot game offers. All players, including those with a flair for nostalgia will enjoy playing Crazy 80s.

Get ready to relive the fluorescent fashion reminiscent of the 80s. Put your charm bracelet back on and listen for the pop music that will instantly take you back in time to this fun decade full of big hair and big earrings. Uncover the Ghetto Blaster and the Dancing Feet symbols for even more chances to win with Crazy 80s.

1500 free, no deposit required
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