Cash 'n' Curry Review

Cash 'n' Curry Game Screenshot

One of the most popular British fruit video slot games, Cash 'n' Curry offers spicy hot slot playing action to slot fans everywhere! Full of adrenaline pumping suspense, players of this exciting slot machine have the chance to win big bucks; a whopping 20,000 is up for grabs!

Players who are able to combine skill with a bit of luck have the best chance of taking home the big bucks with Cash 'n' Curry. The Indian cuisine theme isn't the only thing that is hot and spicy; each spin leaves players feeling breathless with anticipation in this riveting video slot game. Each spin and strategic decision players make puts them in the running for the heart pounding 20,000 payout.

Cash 'n' Curry offers more than just standard multipliers; this slot favorite features 80x multipliers that can turn a small payout into slot payday! In addition, the bonus features built into this video slot game give players even more chances to take home the big bucks!

Cash 'n' Curry's three reels are served up by a waiter whose specialty is hot and spicy cuisine as well as hot and spicy fun! Players will not only be delighted by limes, melons, and chilies; this game also tantalizes players with Chicken Ticker, Rogan Dosh, Bhaji Bonus, and Bombay Mix! Bonus rounds can also earn players 500x payouts!

State of the art technology combined with the latest features in video slot games will provide nothing but spicy hot fun and delectable anticipation to players of Cash 'n' Curry. Along with heart stopping action and a genuinely fun experience, players will be impressed with the easy to navigate user interface and delighted by the superlative graphics that help to make Cash 'n' Curry a favorite of slot enthusiasts everywhere.

1500 free, no deposit required
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