Bush Telegraph Review

Bush Telegraph Game Screenshot

Bush Telegraph is an exciting video slot game that features 5 reels and 15 paylines, meaning players have at least 15 chances of winning on each and every spin if all the paylines are activated at one time. Players can wager a total of 75 coins with the Bush Telegraph slot game, which features a jackpot of a whopping 7,500 coins. In all, there are 36 winning combinations, not counting those winning combinations that can be made by the wild symbol. There is also a bonus feature within the Bush Telegraph video slot game.

Players can travel to Africa when they play the Bush Telegraph video slot game, which has an African theme and exciting graphics. This fast-paced and user friendly slot game is attractive and fun for wildlife enthusiasts as technology brings to life the exotic jungles of Africa and combines the aesthetic beauty of the jungle with the adrenaline rush of gaming.

Bush Telegraph players can wager up to 5 coins per payline to maximize their chances of winning big with this exciting game; however, slot fans don't have to bet big money to win big with Bush Telegraph. The flexibility this game offers allows players with any size bankroll to enjoy its fascinating features. Wager as little as .01 per payline or as much as 75.00 per payline, although players who bet the maximum have the potential to win as much as 112,000. Each and every payline enabled on Bush Telegraph can potentially award 7,500 coins depending on the winning combination that is revealed.

Five wild symbols on an activated payline awards the player the jackpot. Since drums are a natural part of the African culture, Bush Telegraph has implemented a drum bonus, which is activated when players reveal 3 to 5 bonus drums on an activated payline.

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