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We have collected best free casino tips all over the internet. Here you will find: slot machine online casino tips, blackjack casino tips, roulette casino tips, bingo casino tips, video poker online casino tips. Use these online casino tips and your game strategy to win at online casinos. Good Luck!


The first tip that will help a player make better gaming decisions when playing slots at any online casino is this, study the payout tables for the slot games the casino offers. Play the slots with the best payout percentages. These tables are usually listed in the sites page map and can be located on most reputable online casinos. The average slot payout on live casino slots is about 93%. The slot payout percentage at most online casinos is in the range of 95% to 96%.

Almost all online casinos have better payouts than live casinos, as the expenses of online casinos are far lower than live casinos to run their slot gaming operation. When a player considers the matching bonus money on an initial deposit, the advantages of online play go up even more.

Slot players should be aware of the winning combinations that control the payout of the slot game they are playing. This is critical in jackpots that are only paid to players that wager the minimum needed to get to the jackpot payoffs. If you need to play all of the paylines in order to qualify, the player who only plays three out of five is making a major gaming mistake. The worst feeling in the world is to hit the big payoff combination and not qualify due to not playing the minimum required to win the jackpot. If the slot is to rich for your bankroll, find a more suitable slot to play.

Set win and loss limits and time limits. Money management is part of smart slot play. Play slots that fit within your gaming budget. A few high roller plays may be okay if you are playing with money won, but do not blow the budget on two or three big bets on a big jackpot progressive. The type of machine does seem to have a bearing on whether the slot player leaves the session with a win or not. Three reel slots seem to be more likely to give a winning session.

Remember one thing when gambling on slots in a casino. Luck will determine if you win or not. There is little you can do except bet appropriately that will change the outcome of your bets.

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Online Blackjack is not a game to stay away from as the results of solid play will be very similar to what a player sees when playing progressive game in a live casino. The one thing missing from online play is severely hot or cold dealers as the computer algorithms do not seem to allow for this live casino event. Basic Blackjack strategy seems to work very well online and not the opposite as some players fear. It does make sense to raise and lover your betting amounts depending on whether the cards are running for you or against you. This is just good money management. Fighting a losing streak and not pushing s winning streak is not the way to gamble, but too many players do exactly that. Use winnings to push the betting amounts and cut back when losing.

Once you get substantially ahead during a playing session, set a limit on the number of losing hands you will tolerate before you take a walk. Leaving the table a winner is the way you win. Leaving a table a winner is very difficult for many players to do. If you do not set a losing hand count, it is to easy to stay and hope for better hands to come. Substantially ahead is relative to your wager size and your overall bankroll. This amount is different for every player.

Another tip is leave a table that seems to win every important hand. Leave a table that every time you parlay a bet the dealer makes a hand. If you do not feel you are getting an even play on these important hands, it is time to leave the table, quit or find another table to play on. Do not fight losing streaks. Bravery in place of smart play is very costly and also will begin to erode the player's confidence, which will result in poor playing decisions.

When facing a ten-count card in the dealer's show card, the player must hit hands under 17 in total count. The fact that the previous times did not work has no relationship to the current hand and the best strategy is to hit the hand and see if you can make it a winning or tie hand with the dealer. Hoping the dealer has a bust hole card is just that; hope. You must play in an aggressive fashion if you hope to win in the long run. Playing this way is also all about confidence and the power of positive thinking. If you think you are going to lose, you will lose and you will even do things to make sure you lose. The gambler's mind is a crazy area to study and thinking you will win, helps to make you a winner. Positive thinking makes a player do the right thing and not the wrong thing through fear. Fear is the one area that gamblers need to control or it will make you play scared and a scared player is far more likely to be cautious at the wrong time. They will play on hope instead of logic and the percentages. A fearful player is not likely to win over time as they defeat themselves with their attitude.

The suggestions for winning are play confidently and quit when you get ahead from where you started. Never let greed turn a winning session into a losing session. This happens all of the time in casinos, as the player-s emotions get the better of their logical thinking. Letting a solid win turn into a bigger loss is the sign of a greedy and out of control player. Thinking you are going to lose makes no sense at all. Why play if you feel that you are going to lose for sure.Only play house games with a low house edge like Blackjack guide as these games are the easiest to win on if played correctly. You do not need to get unbelievably lucky to win in a low house edge game. You just need a modest amount of luck and the skill to play the way you should play.

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Winning spins in Roulette are hard earned and do not show as often as a player would like them too. For this reason play combinations of bets that have the possibility of more than two wins or more if possible. An example of combination bets would be black, odd and bottom eighteen.

The way to win at Roulette is fairly simple. Get lucky and quit while you are ahead. If sounds like a joke, but the truth is this is the only way to win at Roulette. When you are having a bad run of luck, quit the table and stop the bleeding.

Many players since 1796 have tried in vain to find a way to beat the game with a system of bets. Folks there are no systems known to man. This is called the Devil-s game for ample reason; there is no sure way to win. The Devil's game bit has to do with the fact that the thirty-six numbers add up to 666.

There are betting patterns that try to reduce the house edge a little, but none do it to any significant degree that will make a difference to the player. There is math associated with the game, but you need luck to win and that is the bottom line. Any long time Roulette player will tell a new player about the time that they saw some improbable number of odd numbers show in a series of spins. Aberrations of numbers is not unusual in roulette For this reason and the luck factor, it is highly unlikely that there is any system that can beat the game of Roulette.

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There are Video Poker games that are better for the more favorable than others.

Machines that pay nine coins for a full house and six for flush are better by far. On progressive Video Poker machines a player should look for games that pay a jackpot of over $250 for a nickel wager. You need the same ratio on higher wagering amounts.

The rule on any progressive machine is always play the amount needed to qualify for the progressive jackpot or do not play at all. Learn to play on low wager machines and then when you are sure you know what you are doing go up to higher level betting games. In a live casino use the slot card to play so that you will get the comps from playing your money in their machines.

There is no premium on playing fast on a machine, as another player is not rushing you. You can take all of the time you want. The two best Video Poker Games are the Deuces Wild and the Jacks or Better.

Video Poker is very popular with players for one very basic reason and that is the fact that the player can make decisions that can have an impact on the result of the spin. The game can be learned quickly and if you want to practice, you can play for free on the play for free side of many online casinos reviews. Learn everything you can for free and do not waste hard earned money to learn how to play at the best level possible.

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