Free Casino Money Craps Strategy

Craps Strategy

The best strategy in Craps is to fully know the rules and all of the bets in the game. Craps is one of the more difficult games to learn and many players lose free casino money because they are not sure of the rules and the many bets. The better prepared you are at the Craps table the more of a chance you have to be successful and win.

Having a good Craps strategy is understanding the better bets on the table, which give you the best odds over the house. There are not many bets on the Craps table where the house has a low edge. It is a good Craps strategy to make pass line bets backed up by free odds, come back bets backed up by free odds, and place bets on wither the 6 or the 8. It can be beneficial to you to learn how to hedge your bets when making complicated bets. But you should know that if you try to hedge your bets it will lessen the volatility of the game and at the same time you will be limiting your potential winning chances.

Stay Away from Lay Bets and Buy Bets

Another good strategy to follow is to not make lay bets or buy bets. When making lay bets you have to give 5% commission to the house and the odds are not in your favor. The only way for you to maximize your winnings on the Craps table if you are making lay bets often is to bet set amounts every time. Make sure that if you are making lay bets that you bet in set denominations, so the casino will not round down your winnings. Buy bets also have a 5% commission, but offer better odds, as they give higher odds than place bets. Even though the odds are good and you will win more win you hit your number buy bets are not a good idea. If you do make buy bets the 4 and the 10 are the numbers to wager on because they will give you the best odds at 2:1. The numbers of 5 and 9 give odds of 3:2 and 6 and 8 give you 6:5 odds.

The Bets with the Best Odds

The best strategy is to make the bets that give you the best odds. The best wager for Craps is the come out roll of the pass line bet. The house edge for this bet is only 1.41%. Of all the bets in the game of Baccarat or Craps this offers the lowest house edge. You can actually receive a more favorable house edge of 1.36% with the don-t pass bet, but you will be betting against the shooter and you will not be popular at the table.

The next bet in Craps is after the come out roll with the odds bet. After a point has been established with the come out roll you can make an additional bet, which will be a multiple of the pass line wager you make. Depending on the casino the multiple will vary, but a generally it will be 2X. The advantage of the odds bet is that it will give you true odds. In basic terms the house does not have an edge on this bet, so it is a good strategy to use it.

If you combine the potential win if betting on the odds bet, having a low house edge of 1.41%, with the come out roll it will lower your disadvantage significantly. The more times that you bet on the odds bet the lower your disadvantage will be. If you take 2X odds the edge of the house is only 0.61% instead of 1.41%.

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