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Get In On Hours Of Free Classic Roulette Online

Classic Roulette is a game designed by DoubleGames. Classic Roulette is a free Flash-based, single player option online. You need an Internet browser with a Flash plug in to play. You do not need any other software to enjoy the game. Like all of DoubleGames’ gaming, Classic Roulette has smooth gaming dynamics, easy to use mouse driven controls, sweet graphics, and fun sound effects.

DoubleGames’ version of Classic Roulette is fairly impressive. The graphics and layout look just like professional virtual casino software renderings. When the game loads in your browser, you will see a roulette table with a green surface. The Roulette wheel is to the left in the game window. The roulette table is set at a slight angle. The betting area is to the right in the game window. In the upper right corner, you will see a history tracker so you can keep track of winning numbers and try to predict hot and cold numbers.

A partial image of a woman wearing a yellow dress is in the middle of the game screen along the upper edge in order to emulate the look and feel of a real casino setting. If you hover your mouse pointer over the right arm of the female, her hand and arm move slightly. Hovering your mouse pointer over any betting area on the table will reveal a small pop up box indicating the type of bet you are placing and the potential payout if you win. The roulette wheel hosts a single zero compartment, thereby making the game a European variant.

Classic Roulette has a variety of betting chips. The bet minimum is $1. The maximum bet you can place while gaming is as much as you have in your account. You start out with 1000 free credits. Winnings accrue and are added to your total automatically. Loses are also automatically deducted. In the lower right corner are mouse driven controls for spin, rebet, and clear bet. Just below the mouse driven controls you will see text indicting your total bet and any winnings. In the same area, there is a $ button that allows you to add $100 to your account free. If you click on it repeatedly, you can increase the amount you add to the account by $100 each time.

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