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Get In On Free Japanese-Themed Craps Online

Japanese Craps is a free game offering developed by DoubleGames. The Flash-based application is perfect for hours of free Craps play. Whether you are brand new to the game of Craps or you have been playing Craps online or at brick and mortar casinos for years, DoubleGames Japanese Craps is a fun rendition of the classic casino game. You will find that Japanese Craps has superior graphic renderings and equally beautiful sound effects.

The backdrop of Japanese Craps is a rich red color. The background scene includes a Japanese temple and an animated Samurai warrior swinging swords and leaping across the screen. You can also see mountains far off in the distance and you can hear the sound of crickets chirping during game play. In the upper right corner of the game window the words, “Place your bet, please,” appear in yellow font just over another structure in the game’s background image.

To play the game, you can use the virtual chips on the bottom of the game screen to place a bet, anywhere in the betting area in the middle of the game screen. You then have to roll the dice to start the game. You must attempt to guess at the next sum of the dice that a dice roll will produce. The first roll of the dice is called the Come Out roll. In the game’s simplest form, you are the shooter, and you will have to bet on the Pass Line or Don’t Pass line. You will then try to roll a seven or an eleven. If you succeed in rolling a seven or eleven, the payout is 1:1. If you do not succeed in rolling a seven or an eleven, then a point is established. The point is the actual sum of the dice following the Come Out roll. Once a point is established, your goal is to roll the same number before a seven is rolled. If a seven is rolled before rolling the point, you lose your initial bet.

When you are trying to make the point, you can add extra bets to the table. Hovering your mouse pointer over any area on the virtual betting board reveals the potential payout based on your wager. Chips in the game range from 1 to 10,000 credits.

You can play Japanese Craps free online at The game is also available free on


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