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Jackpot Refused At Jackpot City

An online casino player has actually refused to accept the jackpot that they won.  This news comes from online casino Jackpot City after they revealed that a player who won the jackpot on one of their online slots games refused to accept it.

The total amount won was £4,444 and this is the first time this has ever happened.  The players known as Mr. C won this amount on the WowPot slot game.  According to Jackpot City the player was initially delighted with the win but later became concerned that the amount was inauspicious and a portentous signifier of death.  Jackpot City have reported that the winner was of Chinese origin.  According to them the player contacted their customer services department and was very concerned about the winning amount.  He was keen not to lose out on the money but at the same time he was also very wary of bringing bad luck to him and his family.

Jackpot City officials have stated that this was the first time for them where a player had refused to accept a cheque for their winnings.  It is very strange and I’m sure most people would be delighted with the win but here’s the things, according to Chinese culture, the number four is pronounced like the word for death and is considered to be a very unlucky number.  This player won £4,444 which to him would seem really bad luck.

Jackpot City have stated that they are still talking to the winning player and trying to work out the best approach possible in order to handle the situation. They also stated that they have to be sensitive to the player’s beliefs and concerns whilst ensuring that he does not lose out on his winnings.

It is a very strange story and one that you don’t hear very often.  Hopefully it will be resolved soon and I will keep you updated if I hear any more.

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