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The Tend is Your Friend

All forms of gambling are controlled by trends that make up the winning or losing at a gaming session. Players that are quick to notice a trend for the player and against the house can make a bundle while the trend is in their favor. Hot dice tables or long runs on one side of the shoe or the other in Baccarat are situations that real gamblers are always on the lookout for. When a trend is in force, the smart gambler understands they have a friend in the game and do not buck the trend. When a long running trend will end is up to the gaming gods and cannot be controlled by legitimate means in an honest gaming establishment. Players that can recognize a trend are lucky compared to those that only see it after the fact.

In Baccarat a player can keep a card of winning hands and quickly see if a trend is in play. Sometimes there will be situations that goes like this, four wins on one site followed by four on the other side of the shoe. This is an easy shoe to make money on if the trend holds for a number of rounds. When a shoe is constantly flip flopping this trend can be played successfully, but only if the player recognizes the situation and is willing to follow the exposed trend the card shows

Another reason to be aware of trends is when it is going against the players and with the house. This is the time to quit or at least cut the bet size to a minimum until the trend is over. Bucking a losing trend by constantly doubling up is the surest way to get to an outstanding bigger lost. Bet a little lose a little and bet a lot and lose a lot when bucking a trend. Always remember that a trend is someone’s friend. Make it yours and win, buck it and lose a lot. Bucking a trend is the worst play there is in gaming by any player.

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