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Keno is a Meal Game

One of the worst wagers in any casino live or online is Keno. The house edge is way out of line and the payoffs are not close to being correct. Players that sit in a Keno room or play the game online are just hoping to catch lightening in a bottle. In the old days before gaming on the Internet a casino could count on Keno paying all of the Utility Bills for the live casino. As you can imagine this is a healthy sum every year.

One of the rules for Keno that has worked out for me is when and how to play. I never play online is rule one. In a live casino the rules are play when playing poker with a runner and take your wager out of your table stack. If you are winning in poker the cost of this poor casino bet is covered and if you are losing at poker it will not matter. Play a Keno card with three or four options on it at $4 a card. Any combination you like is okay. I play an eight spot, a four spot and either two singles or one single and one three spot. At four dollars a game this adds up, but the poker game will usually cover my bets. The other time to play Keno in a live casino is when you are eating a meal. Most live casinos have runners assigned to the dining areas, so it does not matter whether you are there for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I play a ten game card so that I do not have to bother with it while eating. At the end of the meal I check to see if any of my games was a winner. If none are winners, then chalk it up to a more expensive meal.

There are several reasons that this idea works out. This keeps the player from throwing more money at the game than they want to. There is something about playing the game while at poker that makes it not a coming out of my pocket. Taking the wager from the poker stack is not like taking it out of your pocket. Adding the money to the dinner meal is not hard to take either. But best of all it keeps a player from sitting in a Keno room and playing the worst game in the live casino.

Bad Wagers in a Casino

There are good bets and there are bad bets in both live casinos and online casinos. A player that wants to play like a pro should know which are which. Playing in either type casino to win takes a player that knows which wagers are the best to take and have the lowest house edge.
They must also know which bets are not in their best interest to play. Remember a casino is a business that hopes to part a player from their money as quickly and as easily as it is possible to do. When a casino offers a game that is new or the player is not familiar with it, a time of study should be put in before the player jumps into the gaming fray. Some bad bets on some of the more popular games are what follows. In dice the big six or eight is a bad wager. Field bets are poor bets as the house edge and the payoff are not correct. The hard ways are only good bets on a hot table and most of the time should not be part of the dice playing strategy. In Blackjack the special bet on Blackjack is not a good bet unless the player is counting cards and the shoe is rich in tens or face cards. Another bad wager most of the time is a splitting face cards unless the shoe is rich in high cards and the dealer is showing a break card. The reason is why take a winning hand and possibly turn it into a losing wager.
When a player does not double down when a dealer is showing a break card this is a bad play but not a bad wager.

Of course all of these wagers are about playing for the best odds, but a player on a rush can do just about any play and player on a bad run will not do well even when playing correctly.
When the shoe is breaking even or slightly in the players favor these ideas will work out well most of the time. Remember always that this is gambling and chance taking and not adding two plus two to get four.

All Poker Sites are not the Same

With the popularity of poker these days, the poker sites on the Net are growing like weeds in the spring rain. This presents a problem for a poker player looking for a site to play their favorite game on. The problem is not obvious to a player that has never played online poker.
All of these sites offer poker, but do they have the clientèle to keep games full and available in numbers so that all limits are full. This is just one of the many aspects of poker sites that need to be considered. Another is the various poker games that are staged and are they the games that you the player wishes to play. There are several games that have a popularity with poker players, but not all sites set them for play. Many sites have a great selection of Hold em games, but not Omaha, Omaha HiLo or Stud. These other games are far different than Hold em and are also great fun to play. Hold em is the most popular one of all the poker games, as that is the game that is featured all of the time in the TV tournaments.

Not only are some poker sites not up to snuff on the games they offer, they are also not equal in the way they treat their players when it comes to bonuses or special promotions. Find a site that offers a great game selection and a great bonus program as this site will be a pleasure to play on and a fair one as to the treatment of their players. Fair treatment and great games form the basis for a good site to support. With the number of sites that players have to choose between, a player does not have to lower their expectations when it comes to a poker site. If you can play on one of the many great sites out of the UK then you have the best sites for poker that are online to choose from.

Sites like William Hill or Intercasino are equal to the best and far better than most. Some of the biggest poker sites do not offer the financial strength that these UK sites offer to protect their players from any downturn a site can experience. Another factor in choosing a site out of the UK is the hard fact that the regulations about online sites in the UK are some of the most stringent of any on the Net. Cheating scandals and such are not likely to be addressed as they were with some of the other sites that were found out in the last couple of years. A player that does not live in the US has the best of it when picking a site to play on from all that are on the Internet.

Come line Pass line Craps

When a player wants to play craps correctly they learn how to make the proper wagers at the table. The two most important bets a player can make are the Pass line and the Come line bets. And after a point is established, the player puts up the odds behind the wager. This bet will lower the house edge to as low as possible for the player. By making this wager and taking the odds the bet is the best bet on the dice table. If the table gets hot this bet will quickly make the player a great deal of money. The odds bet behind the Pass line bet is dependent on what the house will allow. Some casinos will only allow three to one while others will allow ten to one. The player that wants to get the best of the casino will take what ever they will allow behind the Pass line bet.

The same bet can be made on Come line bets. The difference between a Pass line bet and a Come line bet is only timing. Come line bets are made after the Pass line point is made. As long as there is no point yet, all bets are put on the Pass line. Once the come out point is made, the Come line bets can be made. The Come line bets are just like the Pass line except they can be made only after the Pass line point is established. The behind the line odds bets are the same in either case.

When a dice table gets hot and many numbers are being rolled between the ugly sevens, these bets can make a great deal of money in a hurry and the odds on this kind of a table are such that the rush does not have to linger that long. This kind of a dice table will happen like a sudden storm and last for a few minutes to a few hours. If you are lucky enough to stumble upon one then make sure that these two bets are in your arsenal.

There are other bets on the crap table that are worth learning about, but these two are all you need to make money on a hot table. The behind the line odds bet is what does the trick. Be prepared to stop the wagering when the table cools off and shooters cannot get a point and make it. Dice games are all about trends and excitement. When the table is hot there is no better wager in any casino. When the table is cold, it is time to take a walk.

Let the Dealer Break Blackjack

One of the better ways to play Blackjack is to let the dearer break when you are dealt a breaking hand. A breaking hand is any hand with a total of 12 to 16. This method of play is far better for most players. It is definitely easier than counting cards. When both you and the dealer have a break hand, the play is to let the dealer draw and hope for a breaking card to be dealt. Do not hit your hand when the dealer has a break card showing. This rule will make a player a lot of money in the long run, except when the shoe is rich in small cards. Since you are not counting cards, you have no knowledge of the makeup of the shoe. The assumption is that the break cards will hit often when the dealer is forced to hit this hand.

Another tactic is to double down when the dealer has a break card showing. Even if you miss your hand the dealer can still break. Another tactic is do not take insurance on a possible dealer Blackjack, as it is a very bad bet as the payoff is not correct. The secret to good gaming is not to take bets that have a wrong payoff. When a player does this they are upping the house edge to a level that is hard to overcome. Play the way any good book on Blackjack says to play and you will be very close to perfect and also cut the house edge to a minimum.

Splitting pairs is up to interoperation. Some players swear you should not split a small pair if the dealer is showing a big card. The idea of splitting a small pair like sixes or fours, threes or deuces is maybe one of the new hands will be a winner and pay for the other if needed. .

Splitting face cards is not a great idea unless you are counting cards and the deck is rich in high cards. The reason is obvious as the hand may be a winner already and why make two losing hands out of a winner.

Playing two or three hands at a time is okay as long as you are not on a prolonged losing streak. Multiple hand play can be protective or very profitable if the cards are running over you and the dealer is cold.

Omaha High

Omaha High is a poker game that has several distinct differences from Holdem.
Holdem hands use seven cards, the two in the player’s hand and five in the flop. Omaha High hands use nine cards, the four in the player’s hand and five in the flop. Those extra two cards make a world of difference on the value of the hand that will win the pot at show down. A big pair or two pair win many Holdem pots that’s not very likely in Omaha. The base hand is usually three of a kind or higher. There also will be far more flushes and full houses in Omaha than you will see in Holdem. The Holdem player that first sits into a Omaha game will be at a disadvantage until they realize these basic differences between the two games. Until they do understand these value differences in the game, they will donate a great deal of money to the other players in the game. Playing the wrong hand in the wrong game can get very expensive for the player making that mistake.

Good starting hands in Omaha High are high pairs, ace and another card of the same suit. Smaller pairs and lower suited cards are more of a gamble, but if the cards are rushing over the player, then almost any starting hand may work.

Betting, calling and raising are areas that are controlled by position, feel and the cards that are held. Bluffing in Omaha High is a little more difficult than Holdem as high hands are constantly being dealt in this version of poker. When first learning the game, the player is wise to just play the cards they are given and let the bluffing go until they have a little more playing experience.

Sand bagging or trapping in this game is rather easy to do by giving the impression that you are just hanging around and hoping that the right cards will be dealt in the flop. Be very careful with a low full house, as it can easily be beat if there are big cards in the flop. This type of hand can be very costly if you over play it against a bigger full house.

This game is fun to play and also very popular on some online sites. This is a game that takes time to play well, but is easier to be good at than Holdem. The rules of play once part of the player’s game are simple to keep in mind and keep players from making basic mistakes. Play the game correctly and win.

Not Everybody Plays Holem

Holdem is the game of choice for many poker players that play online or in live poker rooms. However there are a growing number of Omaha HiLo players that play online in pot limit games. These games offer a range of starting buy ins from major buy ins to just $10. The higher the buy in the higher the blinds to start each hand of the game. These higher blinds quickly get the pot size higher and make pot limit a game for players with heart and not a faint one. The betting in this game can quickly force players to their highest comfort levels. When this is exceeded the players with little heart or a low stake may be forced out of the hand. This is better than no-limit for many payers as the pot size controls the wager size throughout the game. This keeps players from trying to blow away the pot before the flop is delivered.

The game allows for two winners for most hands, but the real benefit in this game is the hand that scoops both the low and the high side of the pot. This is the way this game can become a very quick way for a player to make a substantial win on one pot. Scooper hands are what this game is all about next to the high hand. The low hand can be tied to many times to make it a raising hand. Any time there are three or more callers at the end of a pot there is a high percentage of times that the low hand will result in a tie. When this happens the low winner is lucky to get back what they have bet in the pot.

When the cards are rushing in this game, the player would be wise to push the hands before the draws to the flop are presented. Hands that are made during a rush can be worth far more than a hand that is made without the raise on the come.

When a player has aces or Kings in their four cards, the way to play the hand is to call if the pot is not outrageously raised. When this hand becomes trips, this is very likely to become a winner at the end of the hand. When the hand ends up as a full house the odds are definitely in the favor of the holder of these pairs. This game is interesting and far different than playing Holdem.

The Tend is Your Friend

All forms of gambling are controlled by trends that make up the winning or losing at a gaming session. Players that are quick to notice a trend for the player and against the house can make a bundle while the trend is in their favor. Hot dice tables or long runs on one side of the shoe or the other in Baccarat are situations that real gamblers are always on the lookout for. When a trend is in force, the smart gambler understands they have a friend in the game and do not buck the trend. When a long running trend will end is up to the gaming gods and cannot be controlled by legitimate means in an honest gaming establishment. Players that can recognize a trend are lucky compared to those that only see it after the fact.

In Baccarat a player can keep a card of winning hands and quickly see if a trend is in play. Sometimes there will be situations that goes like this, four wins on one site followed by four on the other side of the shoe. This is an easy shoe to make money on if the trend holds for a number of rounds. When a shoe is constantly flip flopping this trend can be played successfully, but only if the player recognizes the situation and is willing to follow the exposed trend the card shows

Another reason to be aware of trends is when it is going against the players and with the house. This is the time to quit or at least cut the bet size to a minimum until the trend is over. Bucking a losing trend by constantly doubling up is the surest way to get to an outstanding bigger lost. Bet a little lose a little and bet a lot and lose a lot when bucking a trend. Always remember that a trend is someone’s friend. Make it yours and win, buck it and lose a lot. Bucking a trend is the worst play there is in gaming by any player.

Online Gaming versus Live Gaming

There are major differences between online gaming and live casino gaming. Any player that has done both would agree that there are distinct advantages of one over the other. The number one advantage of online gambling is the absolute convenience that is offered by an online casino. All a player needs is a computer and an Internet connection. There is no travel time or expense, no dressing up to go to the casino and online a player is given bonuses to play. All of these factor\s are missing in live casino gaming. A live casino re\quires some travel expense, a lodging expense and there are no bonuses in a live casino except for high rollers. The average Joe in a live casino is lucky to get a free breakfast from the house.

Slot play is uniformly better online as the typical payouts are better; due to the fact that the expenses of running a live casino are much higher than those for an online casino. This allows an online casino the ability to set the payouts on slots at a higher level.

The missing ingredient of online casinos is the spontaneous excitement that one finds in a live casino. The heart-pounding thrill of a hot dice table does not translate online. A big winning wager at a Baccarat table will go unnoticed at an online casino. The social atmosphere of a roulette table is lost when playing online. Over all the biggest missing factor in online gaming is the social interaction and contagious excitement that one finds in a live casino.

The games are usually the same no matter where they are played and so are the game rules. The odds on some online slots are better than what is found in a live casino, but not a substantial difference. Since a random number generator randomly generates all of the play at an online casino, the trends seem to come in batches for both the player and the house. On the other hand, the poker player online will rarely see a trend of winning hands for several hours like is seen in poker rooms all over the world.

Most players would play at either venue and be happy, but others that do not like smoke or noise will find an online casino to their liking for a playing session. The expenses of getting to a live casino are avoided online and that can be significant for a player or a couple. The affect is the gaming stake is increased by the removal of this expense.

The huge variety of online casinos at this time also is a big plus for many players as they can play at a casino with a theme that they find helpful to their play. The bottom line in all of this is except for the visceral excitement of a live casino, online play seems to have the advantage

A Simple Way to Play Roulette

Pick two numbers that are your favorite numbers and play then five times each on successive rolls. If they lose walk away and if they win press the wager. When the cycle of five is completed walk away win or lose. I have done this for years on 26 /27 and have won far more than I have lost since a winner pays 35 to one. I love the roulette ambience, but have never been an avid roulette player.

This idea started for me over 45 years ago and I have made this be hundreds of times. It is simple and there is not a lot of money being risked for the payoff that the bet can return.
Another way to play is to bet on a row for five wagers in a row and or a column for five wagers in a row. The idea is take a shot and do not risk a great deal of money if the wager loses five times in a row.

The final bet in this series is to split a bet between double zero and the first row with the same rules for wagers and the same rules for when to leave the table. It is the betting discipline and the leaving after the bets have been made five times that protects the player from a big loss and allows for a decent win if it hits. Casinos refer to this type of wagering as hit and run betting. They do not particularly like the idea, but here is nothing illegal about it, so try it for yourself and maybe it will work for you as it has for me for the last 45 years.

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