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Watchdog Groups Provided Added Peace of Mind

Online casinos understand the security issues and concerns which face players. This is why many of them take steps to ensure that they are complying with not only the legal requirements imposed upon them depending on their location and the rules set up there, but also when it comes to their everyday business practices. There are a number of online watchdog groups which have been created in order to help make sure that casinos are fair and honest. This means that every aspect of the casino needs to be legitimate, fair and trustworthy.

Many people feel more secure playing at online casino sites which have been reviewed by an online casino watchdog group because it provides them with peace of mind as to how the casino operates. Too often, online casino gamblers can lose a lot of money before figuring out that an online casino is unfair in their business methods. Online casino watchdog groups such as OPA, which stands for the Online Player Association, and eCOGRA, work to provide peace of mind for players and a more alluring gambling environment for the casinos which they review.

These watchdog groups pay attention to which online gambling casinos bearing their name(s) and/or symbol(s) are complying with their ideas and standards for fair business practices. When groups comply with these requirements, they are considered a member of the group. If they do not, they are not permitted to be a member. When looking for a casino, try to find one that is a member of a watchdog group or organization in order to make sure the site is honest and trustworthy.

Examining SignUp Bonus Complaints

Signup bonuses are intended to compel prospective gamblers and online casino players to visit and try out certain sites. Many people are intrigued by them because they offer the possibility of free money and most anyone could benefit from such a bonus. However, the end result of such bonuses is often not quite as simple as getting free money from a casino and there are some catches to be aware of when considering taking part in an online casino’s signup bonus. In order to enjoy the site and the potential bonus, players have to be aware of the fact that they may not actually win anything. By seeing the bonus as strictly a way to gage the site – not necessarily earn free money – they may be able to get more out of the bonus in general.

These signup bonuses have two main catches at online gambling casinos. These are the waging requirements necessary prior to the player cashing out with their winnings and the game restrictions that are placed on the bonuses. While many bonuses look appealing at first glance, players may need to make more bets than they’ve bargained for before being able to cash out and they might not actually be able to play the games in which they are interested. Terms and conditions can be written in very unorganized or confusing ways and players may understandably not understand what they are agreeing to when they sign up with a particular casino.

These are the most common glitches and complaints that come from players who were drawn in to a particular online gambling casino because of their signup bonuses. What are your complaints?

Loyalty Bonuses: Helping or Hindering?

Since there are so many signup bonuses available to online casino players, many online casinos are working to keep their clientele through loyalty bonuses, including their own VIP loyalty bonuses and schemes. The intention of these bonuses is exactly what it sounds like: to keep players loyal to their casino and to keep them from meandering on over to other sites which may be offering alluring signup bonuses. For many online casinos, it can be fairly easy to round up a bunch of potential players, but far more difficult to keep them. In this way, there are more long term benefits to be had by enjoying loyalty bonuses. However, most signup bonuses are extremely appealing to people and many individuals are drawn into them easily. The things to remember about signup bonuses are to read the terms and conditions which would apply, often a long and tedious process, and to make sure players know what they are getting themselves into.

When it comes to sign up bonuses, many games are excluded from the bonuses. Others need to be claimed over a number of separate deposits and still more have extremely high wagering requirements which must be met before claiming earnings. In fact, sometimes these requirements are sixty times what the deposit and bonus were. For many people, it can be incredibly difficult to achieve these goals and requirements in order to make money on such bonuses. Tomorrow, we will discuss the most common catches that appear in the signup bonuses of many online gaming casinos.

Casino Bonuses Evolve

During the late 1990’s and early 2000 years, the online casino bonuses which were offered to prospective players were more generous to these potential casino players than they are today. Online gaming was still fairly new to the general public and online casinos were trying to make their mark on the World Wide Web. In addition to the newness of the experience, there was a lot less competition online among casinos because there were fewer sites dedicated to the sport. For the first few years after online casinos were introduced, there were relatively few legitimate online casinos available for use. Online casino bonuses were helpful because they allowed players the opportunity to find a site with which they felt safe and comfortable, providing them with an enjoyable playing environment. These sites were much more difficult to find back then. When the online casino gaming industry grew and became more regulated, security was less of a concern for players since laws would mandate and regulate the behavior of such online entities. Now, there are more opportunities for players to take part in – which means that in many cases the bonuses were required to get a little less generous. They were initially great for getting people into the online casinos, but because there are so many bonuses and offers individuals are less likely to stick with a casino after they have used up their bonus.

Do you think online casino bonuses are a factor in where you choose to play? How did you choose your favorite casino? Do you like to hop between casinos using their bonuses and moving on to the next opportunity?

More New Player Tips!

We have been discussing some of the best tips for individuals who are new to the field of online casino gambling. As with our last post, please feel free to post any additional tips or questions you may have. After all, a strong foundation is the key to any successful and enjoyable activitiy.

Have you become interested in one particular site? Their marketing may be great, but this doesn’t mean their site is. Make sure to read any reviews you can on this site. Reading information from other players will give you insight into a casino that the casino itself cannot always honestly give you. If you are unsure of where to start – and let’s face it, the online world is inundated with online casino gambling sites – read reviews of the most popular online casinos and see which appeal to you most! After all, you don’t want to start spending your money somewhere you aren’t even sure you will enjoy. Aside from games, remember to read about customer service reviews and their payout rate.

Don’t keep playing when tired or mentally distraught. Most successful gamblers and gamers play only when they are mentally alert. This provides the most effective playing, strategizing and betting. If you are playing for a long time, remember to take frequent breaks.

Lastly, don’t chase after the money you have lost. Don’t think, ‘I’ll just get it back next time.’ You might not and you could just dig yourself in a bigger hole.

New Player Tips

Online casino gambling has, since its inception in the mid-1990, been very popular and enjoyable. For some, it has even been quite profitable. So, if a player is new at the game, what are some of the best tips for them? Here are some of our favorite tips, but feel free to add your own if you are an experienced player or any questions you might have if you are new to the environment.

Be careful about how much money you spend. This sounds very straightforward, but the importance of this point should not be overlooked. It can be very frustrating or tiresome to lose all the money you intended to play with after playing for far shorter a period of time than you would like. Even if there are promises of a rewarding or enticing bonus, quit before you potentially lose more money.

Do you agree? Before you accept many things online, there are contracts to which individuals must respond either “I agree” or cancel/no thanks. Make sure you read all of this information! It may seem tedious, but the fine print – especially at online casinos – is very important. Make sure you are well aware of everything you are getting into before you accept. A casino’s online customer service team is there to assist you in the event you have any questions.

Is Online Casino Gambling Legal in the US?

Understanding whether or not online casino gambling is legal is not a cut and dry process. The question is actually far more complex than the simplicity behind it lets on. The fact of the matter is, in the United States, there are different online casino gambling laws for each state. It may or may not be legal to take part in online casino gambling in any one particular state. Many online casinos have set up a precautionary sign-up page. This page is designed to block the sign in of anyone who resides in a state which does not allow taking part in online casino gambling. Still, this is not a fail-proof method of ensuring the legality of online casino gambling. As a result, it is recommended that players investigate whether or not online casino gambling is legal for their particular state prior to signing up or attempting to sign up for such websites and activities.

For specific state information, consider visiting This website will open a window that lists 38 states and, upon clicking on the state, their respective online casino gambling laws and regulations. It is also important to note the differences in age when it comes to online casino gambling and, in fact, any gambling at all in these states. Some states allow gambling at age 18, while others do not allow it until the player or participant reaches an age of 21. speaks to this concern and makes note of the gambling age for each of the 38 states it discusses.

By visiting and scrolling just over halfway down the page, readers can learn about the states in America which offer no restrictions on online casino gambling versus those which do.

Are Internet Casinos Safe?

In order to enjoy the fun and excitement of online casinos, players need to reveal some personal information about their finances – specifically, their credit card numbers and personal identification information. With all the threats of identity theft and identity fraud being expressed these days, it is important to make sure that when you decide to take part in online gambling, you are doing so safely and securely. So, how can you determine if a particular online casino is safe?

Obviously, online casinos are going to take the proper security steps when it comes to their signups. They don’t want to lose customers, so they are going to make sure their sites are secure and safe – and mot will implement high-tech programs in order to accomplish this task. Browse around any casino you are interested in to make sure that they offer secure processing online. This should be stated very clearly and in most cases is a part of the casino’s licensing agreement. If you are on a site that fails to do so, consider visiting another online casino site which can protect you and your information. As mentioned, online casinos need to have licenses in order to operate. Many jurisdictions will require the individual casino entity to post bonds, either in cash or insurance form, as a part of their licensing requirements. The sites need to guarantee that they can pay their winners and that they are not taking advantage of their potential clients.

Do You Know What Loyalty Programs Are?

The online casino industry has become very competitive over the years it has evolved and developed. There is a great demand for online gambling games but, at the same time, there is an even greater supply of online casino gaming sites. Usually, in time, new online casinos which are not publicly popular will be replaced or otherwise gotten rid of, while more successful online casino gaming sites continue to prosper. How do online casino sites become popular and gaming favorites? Well, a lot will depend on the set up of the site – how easy is it to understand, what is the template like, how easy to use is the software? In addition to all those things, the casino will also need to appeal to players through unique and alluring bonuses, such as the oft-discussed ‘no deposit required’ bonus. Once individual players visit the site, the casino will need a plan in place to keep these clients loyal to their site – especially when faced with such strong and competitive pulls from other online gaming sites. This is where loyalty programs come in.

Loyalty programs are put in place by casinos in order to encourage their new clients to continue using their site for all their gambling and casino needs. For many casinos, enrollment in the loyalty program is free. Some of the most popular loyalty program benefits include sweepstakes entries, free cash rewards, material prizes from the casino and other impressive and enticing giveaways.

These loyalty programs benefit players because they allow them additional incentives, just for playing at their favorite sites! Are you a part of a loyalty program? What is your favorite aspect of the program?

Are Online Casinos Recession-Proof?: How to Make the Most of These Trying Times

There has been an ongoing debate about whether or not the industry of online gambling and casinos is recession-proof during this particularly trying economic time. The premise of the belief that online casinos would not be affected by the global economic recession currently facing us is that during trying times and difficult periods, people will be more inclined to seek comfort in their vices. Gambling and wagering on games for money is a very popular ‘vice’ for many people and the gambling industry at large seemed to hope that people would continue to comfort themselves by playing such challenging and rewarding games as poker and blackjack. After all, gambling at casinos located in such cities as Atlantic City and Las Vegas require additional expenditures not found when visiting online casinos, such as the cost of food, hotel rooms and drinks. While it is true that online casinos are noticing an increase in players, they are not playing multiple times, as was the case prior to this latest recession.

For many, this makes it a perfect time to try out the no deposit required casino bonuses, which many online gambling sites are offering. Players can sample games and sites without risking any of their own money – and potentially collect impressive winnings, all without spending a single dime out of pocket.

How has the economic recession affected your gambling and casino playing habits? Has anything changed in your habits or do you intend to make any changes? What kinds of bonuses would entice you the most?

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