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5 Fun Mobile Casino Games

5 Fun Mobile Casino GamesIf you are a new owner of a smartphone or perhaps just new to mobile gaming, then you probably wonder what kind of mobile casino games are out there. While there are many to select from, some games are simply more fun than others. While many of the games offered for mobile phones are similar to online casino versions, if you're not an online casino user you will need help knowing what is out there. Among some of the more fun casino games would be the Gold Rally slot machine, the Great Blue slot machine, multiplayer blackjack, mobile Keno and roulette.

Two fun mobile casino games are actually slot machines. The Gold Rally Slot Machine is a 9 reel game with a total of 8 paylines. It does come with a fun-filled bonus round which increase one's winnings. Another way in which players can possibly win more is with the progressive jackpot associated with this game. A second slot machine for mobile users is the Great Blue. This game has 25 paylines found on a total of 5 reels. The game features the typical wild and scatter symbols. Unlike Gold Rally, it does have a free spin bonus as well as a gamble feature to help make one's winnings grow. Try it out at

Multiplayer blackjack is similar to the online casino version of the game. With this game, there are other live players at your blackjack table. You all are working with one goal in mind and that is to defeat the dealer. Mobile Keno is another entertaining game to play on a mobile device. Easy to play, this game requires players to select a specified amount of numbers and then hope their numbers are selected by the computer. The classic table game can be enjoyed on the mobile phone anywhere. Most mobile casinos offer the European version of the game.

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